it's coming.

We invite you to explore our upcoming events, from special services, to new Bible Studies, to exciting fellowship events. If you have any questions about what's coming, please contact us at 630.355.9655.

new bible study:

with jesus through galilee

according to the fifth gospel

Join us, starting May 20th, as we study "The Fifth Gospel," the land of Israel. Studying the cultural context and areas that Jesus traveled give new light and fresh perspective on the Gospel narratives of the life of Jesus. What people naturally understood because they were in Israel at the time, often gets lost to history and interpretation. When we examine these cultural thoughts and physical locations, it'll can help us comprehend why people reacted to Jesus the way they did.

May this Bible Study help you react to Jesus in a new way as well.

new sermon series: manalytics

Starting June 17th, we're going to pursue grace and encouragement for the men in our lives. Men are always analyzing their performance and outcomes. It means that manhood is tough, with all of the expectations placed upon men today combined with the expectations and pressure that men put upon themselves. What it can lead to is the possibility of greater and greater amounts of self-criticism.

More than ever, men need to hear the clear Word of God to draw strength from our Heavenly Father, grace from our Lord Jesus Christ, and faith from the Holy Spirit. Join us and bring the men in your life that need all that God has to offer.